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Our Generous Funders


KnowledgeWorks envisions a future where intersectional and diverse students are enabled to uncover passions and thrive in an evolving world. They aim to help their partners in states and schools align policy, practice, and competency-based learning for lifelong learners. 

Spencer Foundation

The Spencer Foundation supports educational research; transforming systems to improve educational practice and research, emphasize equity, and train high-quality researchers.

Hewlett Foundation

The Hewlett Foundation seeks to achieve meaningful socially beneficial nonpartisan changes in diverse fields. Collaboration, values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, humility and respect for others guides their approach to philanthropy and grantmaking. 

William T. Grant Foundation

By improving the use of research evidence in decision-making and investing in high-quality research, the William T. Grant Foundation focuses on reducing inequality in youth outcomes.

U.S. Department of Education

The mission of the United States Department of Education is to prepare students for global achievement and excellence by promoting student achievement and equal education access.
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