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History of Transformative Student Voice


Shelley, Carlos, and Ben formed Critical Civic Inquiry Research Group (CCI), a collaborative research team. 
Zion, Hipolito-Delgado, Kirshner Photo
Students presenting "things we learned"


CCI's first project received a major grant from the Spencer Foundation's Initiative on Civic Learning and Civic Action. CCI partnered with teachers to promote action civics work in the Denver-Metro area. They also structured student voice initiatives and a basic curriculum.


CCI hosted a conference for scholars focused on defining, fostering, and assessing youths' sociopolitical development. This convening, funded by the American Educational Research Association (AERA) led to a special issue of the academic journal The Urban Review. 
American Educational Research Association group photo


The Spencer Foundation and Hewlett Foundation awarded CCI grants for the development of the Measure of Youth Policy Arguments (MYPA). MYPA is a formative and summative assessment tool for teaching students how to prepare and deliver compelling, evidence-based policy arguments. This led to a partnership with Denver Public Schools (DPS) and Student Voice and Leadership (SVL), which expanded the scale of youth voice in Colorado and New Jersey.


Hewlett Foundation enabled the expansion of student voice and socio-political development in Denver-Metro schools. The CCI curriculum for action civics was completed and used in schools. 
Carlos with students - 2018 event.jpg


CCI rebranded to Transformative Student Voice (TSV) and conducts local and national consultations and trainings to amplify student voices in communities, schools, and districts.
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